Why Choose Us ?

Choosing a product or service often depends on various factors such as reputation, quality, affordability customer service and alignment with specific needs or values. With 20 years experience in the construction industry we understand how important every factor can influence the final finish. We take this experience and apply this to all projects to make sure that we can make all of our clients dreams come true with peace of mind. 

Company Attributes  

Professional Team

Our team is highly experienced and have been trained in the proper techniques of floor screed preparation and applications. We all have a shared commitment to excellence to deliver results.

Quality Materials

Quality materials are essential for a durable and long lasting floor screed. Here at CSSL we only lay screed that is from approved suppliers that conform to the highest standards.

Industry Expertise

With specialized knowledge and industry expertise in the combination of constituents that make floor screed. This is a major advantage to make sure our clients can get the best finish achievable.